Extended Routes

In an update to my post about Delta Air Lines’ new expanded service in Africa last month, just three days ago, the airline announced weekly and biweekly routes starting next June from Atlanta to Abuja, Nigeria; Luanda, Angola; and Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, all via Ilha do Sal, Cape Verde. The Atlanta-Johannesburg route will become nonstop and ATL-Nairobi will finally take off, as will the JFK-to-Lagos run.

I’m geet! Here’s an updated map:

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One Response to Extended Routes

  1. kwerekwere says:

    luanda and malabo?those two flights, as i’ve probably said before, are all about that sweet, sweet oil. i don’t even think you can fly from johannesburg to malabo. [i’ll have to check that, but i think you have to change in douala.]like i said before, i’m willing to bet money that those prices, with the exception of the joburg run, are absolutely horrific. [especially to luanda or malabo.]however, if you have the extra day to spare each way, you can get to luanda much, much cheaper than flying delta:fly [on any airline] from USA to frankfurt. since most of the time this is an overnight flight, spend the day in frankfurt buying wurst and/or beer, or, if you are taking the 11.30pm flight from frankfurt, take the mid-morning flight from frankurt to amsterdam and spend cash on hookers and blow [and shoes], returning to frankfurt on the early evening flight.[why i have never done this but i know people who have.]now, you can then take the late flight from frankfurt to windhoek on either lufthansa or air namibia. in windhoek, you can change for luanda. depending on the time of year, you can do it for just about 60% of the price of the delta flight direct to luanda.

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