Feliz 2009

Yesterday was the end of my three-week long Christmas vacation in Brazil. There was sun, sweat, sand, sex, song, and samba in varied combinations on various days. My buddy, Roberto, and I conquered the mean streets of that tropical urban behemoth, São Paulo, before jetting over to raucous Rio to ring in the New Year with millions of Brazilians on the beach at Copacabana. I resurrected old friendships, established new ones, soaked up the music and dance of my cultural cousins, renewed, refreshed, recharged, and gave it up to God, the Cosmos, Iemanjá, whatever you want to call it. Next week, I’ll lay out the adventure with incriminating photos and juicy details in a three-part series guaranteed to titillate and inspire. Because that’s what I do here at Fly Brother…titillate and inspire. 😉

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2 Responses to Feliz 2009

  1. Fly Girl says:

    OOh, I’m so jealous! It’s 15 below here and there you are soaking up sun and samba and who knows what else. Titilate is right…

  2. iKensington says:

    You are gorgeous Fly Bro! BTW—not to tease you, but I am on my way to DC this Sunday until Wed for the Inaug. I wll post the pics on my page….As well, more good news, I am dentally cleared for Peace Corps…I am inching toward my assignment in South America! Be well Bro!

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