From the AV Room: Beleza Pura!

As Carnival preparations are now in full swing – the blessed event starts February 21 – Rio’s busy selecting this year’s Carnival Muse, a dancer from one of the competing samba schools who will open the parade. This young lady right here, a 25-year-old professional dancer representing the very popular Mangueira samba school, put it on ’em: the interviewer can’t stop complimenting her, the crowd loves her, and one of the judges (a drag queen, I think) even breaks protocol to praise the whole shebang. The short interview is book-ended by a bootylicious entrance and a winning show of her samba skills. All dude can say at the end is “pure beauty.” One time for the sistas!

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4 Responses to From the AV Room: Beleza Pura!

  1. Fly Girl says:

    Did he say she was representing Manguera? That’s the samba school that I have a shirt from. She’s gorgeous! Go Lucianna!

  2. Fly Brother says:

    Yes, she’s from Mangueira. You wouldn’t happen to be affiliated with a certain Greek organization that shares Mangueira’s colors, would you? Luciana’s the bomb.

  3. Fly Girl says:

    Ha! Well, I almost was but I tranferred before my line started. I was told that Manguiera was the best samba school so I had to get a shirt that represented them.

  4. bastille says:

    Fierce, so FIERCE!Merci mon chou!Felicia, This Time Now

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