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Maximum Mexico City

The title “Third Largest City* in the World” never moved beyond the abstract until I found myself circling over the Valley of Mexico on the descent into the Mexican capital back in 2004, when I actually had hair and the … Continue reading

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Fly Brother’s Fly-By-Night Dime-Store Travel Philosophy

Photo by barb 11 Lately, I’ve been reading through traveler extraordinaire Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Nonconformity, an inspiring multipurpose blog encouraging people to live, work, and travel outside the box. With posts like “Why You Should Quit Your Job … Continue reading

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On Exile In Its Many Forms…

“What I want now is what I always wanted and never knew – I want not to be exotic. I want to be the rule itself, not the exception that proves it.” -Alice RandallThe Wind Done Gone

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Global Juke Joint: Random

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Fly Brother and the Curse of the Aimless Intellectual

Image by 60$ Warning: Long post, but good. Really. There is one tiny personality quirk that separates me from millions of other second-generation college grads who went into the career field they studied and now bring home mid- to high-five … Continue reading

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Cubano Libre

This month, the brief but insightful CNN program “My City My Life” follows brotherman and ballet phenom, Carlos Acosta, around his beloved Havana. Having been forced into ballet by his father as a way to keep him out of trouble, … Continue reading

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Missing Middle Florida

There’s the moonlight and magnolias of the North, the kid-centered wonders of Central, and the tropical swing of the South – the geographic regions of the state of Florida. Then there are the temporal zones: the Old Florida of Osceola … Continue reading

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