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Global Juke Joint: Soundz of Colombia

Beyond the uber-famous, internationally-known Shakira and Juanes, Colombian music is a thick stew of flavors and spices ladled in from the three founding cultures of the country: Euro, indigenous, and, most potently, Afro. And, as in most post-colonial societies, it … Continue reading

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Piece #1

“A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of numerous small, often oddly shaped, interlocking and tessellating pieces. Each piece has a small part of a picture on it; when complete, a jigsaw puzzle produces a complete … Continue reading

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Fly Favorites: April 09

Over the last few weeks, I’ve run across several interesting Internet items that I thought I’d share with you, my dear readers, starting with: A Hundred Single Ladies in Piccadilly Circus Life Magazine‘s brand-new online gallery of stunning travel photographs. … Continue reading

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From the AV Room: Hispaniola

Recently screened at the Havana Film Festival New York, the 12-minute short film, Hispaniola, tackles Haitian-Dominican relations on the Caribbean’s second-largest island. Director Freddy Vargas shows us how childhood friendships can be marred by issues of race, class, and nationality … Continue reading

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Colombia Mía: Maizena y Agua

Carnaval de Barranquilla, February 2009 One of the traditions of Carnival here in Colombia is the throwing of corn starch and water on unsuspecting revelers. This is the first time in three years that someone has succeeded in tagging me. … Continue reading

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Fly Brother to Brazil -or- Cure for the Twitching Eye

Photo by conrasWarning: This post kind of rambles, but…here it go anyway. Maybe you folks’ll glean some meaning from it. A few weeks ago, I blogged about uncertainty and life choices. Monday, I chose to let my school know that … Continue reading

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Today, I informed my job that I will not be returning next academic year. In two months, I will be going home to Florida. In four months, I will be going home to Brazil. Stay tuned. Photo by Antonio Carlos … Continue reading

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