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Fly Brother Departures – Summer/Fall 2009

All the pieces of the puzzle. Behold the itinerary* for my upcoming round-the-world jaunt (click image to enlarge), touching six continents and ending this November in Brazil. In the coming weeks, I’ll delve into the details of the planning, including … Continue reading

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Fly Favorites: May 2009

This month, I’ve run across several interesting Internet items that I thought I’d share with you, my dear readers, starting with: My most recent, original, brand spankin’ new essay, “Of Sacrifice and Uncertainty,” over at Travellious. The newest tome from … Continue reading

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Black Like Me

Warning: this post is long and political. But I majored in political science, and some folk might not like what I have to say. Tough. Day before yesterday, I posted this as my status on Facebook:Acabo de caminar del gimnasio. … Continue reading

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Piece #3

Pieces #1 and #2.

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From the AV Room: Titicaca!

LMAO! Please don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @FlyBrother, and “like” me on Facebook! You can subscribe, too!

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How to Reduce Four-Plus Years Into a Box, a Suitcase, and a Carry-On in 12 Easy Steps

Photo by charlieontheradio You’ve got 26 days left in Colombia; here’s what you do: Rip all bootleg, copied, burned, and otherwise unoriginal CDs to your computer. No need to carry home all that plastic (and the joy of this is … Continue reading

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Colombia Mía: Paisas

Four years ago, I first visited Colombia at the behest of the friend of a friend who worked as the academic director at a bi-cultural language center in Medellín, the country’s second-largest city, best known for its controversial benefactor, Pablo … Continue reading

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Stupid Cheap Summer Airfares That You Would Be Stupid to Ignore

Photo by Gun Sydney These are some of the deals I’ve found for round-trip international travel in June, July, and August (some even extend into the fall, when the weather’s heating up Down Under). Dust off the passport (or apply … Continue reading

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Ghetto Fabuloso

They say Caracas es Caracas, lo resto es montes y culebras—Caracas is Caracas, the rest is just shrubs and snakes. With serpentine highways jack-knifing, double-backing, and clinging to mountainsides before plunging through tunnels that connect the country with the Valley … Continue reading

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Piece #2

Here’s Piece #1.

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