Mothers Day Shouts, Anniversary Greetings, and a Schedule Update

1. Happy Mothers’ Day to all the women out there who have cared for someone other than themselves. It’s called mothering and without that saving grace, humans would have extinguished themselves through general stupidity and excess testosterone millennia ago.

2. Happy (Late) Anniversary to my parents E&P, who, on April 30th, celebrated 39 years of marriage. I couldn’t exactly call it bliss, but they still together.

Honeymoon in Nassau, Bahamas - May 1970

3. In keeping with my commitment to myself as a writer and you as my audience, I’m officially establishing a posting schedule that you can scratch yo back by. Starting today, fresh posts will appear on Fly Brotherevery third day. This week, look for new material on Wednesday and Saturday, followed by next Tuesday, Friday, Monday of the next week, etc. Dig?Why not post on two fixed days, such as Monday and Thursday, you ask? Because I like variety and seeing different days in the postmark header. Nothing more.

In addition, I’ll be responding to comments, should there be any, within 24 hours of receiving them, instead of each time I upload a new post. So comment, dammit, and then I can respond to the comments in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen some visual drafts of the blog redesign and I like, I like! Be ready, folk!

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3 Responses to Mothers Day Shouts, Anniversary Greetings, and a Schedule Update

  1. 'Drea says:

    Technology has certainly come a long way. Even though there’s a washed-out look to the Bahamas pics, they’re still cool. And, of course, documenting one’s experience is even cooler.

  2. MDUBB says:

    I love pictures that look like that. It reminds me of the good ol’ days and what not. Can’t wait to see the new site design.

  3. Fly Brother says:

    Thanks for the comments, folk. I like the washed-out look in photographs; these are scans of prints that are almost 40 years old. I think they give a texture and history that digital images tend to gloss over. Design updates coming soon and, again, gracias por leer.

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