From the AV Room: Titicaca!


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3 Responses to From the AV Room: Titicaca!

  1. Fly Girl says:

    That is too funny! Is that where you’re going? No Sao Paulo? Or is it just that they don’t make cute cartoons about Sao Paulo?

  2. Fly Brother says:

    LOL, nah, no cartoons about São Paulo, but I did finally catch the Simpsons episode when they go down to Brazil; the Xuxa-esque kids show was hilarious.I love Animaniacs, and when I ran across the Lake Titicaca Rumba on YouTube, I played it like 20 times. Judging by the underwhelming number of comments, I thought nobody liked it.

  3. A Cuban In London says:

    That’s what I call good ol’ fun, man. Many thanks.Greetings from London.

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