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Mi Querida Caracas

Photos from my favorite city in the Spanish-speaking Americas, Caracas.

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It’s the Weekeeeeeend, Baby! (Part 3)

This is the last installment of the Bogotá/Caracas trilogy. I’m now back home in Florida, and between getting settled, resting up, seeing friends and family, and fighting with Blogger over video uploads, I’ve slacked up on the blog. Sorry, y’all. … Continue reading

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It´s the Weekeeeeeend, Baby! (Part 2)

Flying to Caracas last Saturday, I sat next to a woman with a facemask who seized into a death cringe every time someone coughed lightly from a speck of dust. It wasn’t until I walked through the airport terminal in … Continue reading

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Caracas Update on Saturday

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It’s the Weekeeeeeend, Baby! (Part 1)

So, I was blind-sided by a ridiculous amount of paperwork and test grading over the last couple of weeks, which reduced my reading time to nil (my Google Reader account has hit 1,000 unread posts since I last checked it) … Continue reading

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Global Juke Joint: Nat Geo Music

I don’t know when the hell National Geographic’s world music cable channel, Nat Geo Music, started airing, but from the moment I caught a glimpse this weekend, I’ve been addicted. So long CrackNewsNetwork! Flyest Lyrics: Flyest Video: Flyest Collaboration:

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I’m traveling and submitting final grades for the year and have minimal computer time. Sorry, guys. Come back on Tuesday and I promise there’ll be something fly.

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