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The Hours

One of the main areas of anxiety about moving to another country—in my case, Brazil—is the mystery surrounding vocation. Not vocation solely in terms of source of income, but also in terms of how time is spent and managed, how … Continue reading

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Global Juke Joint: Random Relaxed

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Three Months, Six Continents, Three-Point-Five Grand

Through a combination of one-time tip-offs and dogged research, the universe (and the economy) conspired in my favor to send me traipsing round the Urf this fall with the following ticket prices: Jacksonville → Baltimore – $88New York → Dublin … Continue reading

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Fly Brother’s Revised RTW Itinerary and Confession

First, the itinerary: The initial flight schedule I posted last month included some pre-round-the-world flights and some planned, but at that time unpurchased, segments. The current itinerary includes all but a couple of connections within India and Australia. New: Two … Continue reading

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Trying On America’s Left Shoe

Yesterday, I wrapped up a two-week jaunt out to California, Washington State, and Oregon, for no particular reason other than to meet up with friends on their home turf and to experience a part of the country I’d never been … Continue reading

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Colombia Mia: Adios, me voy.

With the close of the school year two weeks ago came the close of four years in Colombia: an era of discovery and disappointment, growth and growing pains, experiences and memories. My relationship with the country has been like a … Continue reading

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