"Sharing Experiences" Gets Fly Brother to Share

Last week, Edinburgh-based writer Andy Hayes featured me on his travel website, Sharing Experiences. This is my first international interview and I was honored to have been profiled. Here’s an excerpt:

To explain the name Fly Brother, I need to lay down a little cultural background knowledge. In black American vernacular, “fly” as an adjective refers to something attractive, roguishly sophisticated, and well-put-together, be it a possession, a concept, or a person. “Brother,” of course, is a nod to my being an African-American male. The usage of Fly Brother, then, speaks to both my affinity for air travel and my roguish sophistication (*wink*).

Read the entire interview here, then continue exploring Andy’s engrossing site.

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3 Responses to "Sharing Experiences" Gets Fly Brother to Share

  1. brian says:

    Good interview FB. You mentioned Cairo in the interview and there are definitely other cheap spots on the Continent. I don't remember the rest of your itinerary and you may be hitting these spots anyway but South Africa, Ethiopia, and Ghana are cheap with culture all over.But you got to make hard choices. Just pick the spots that captivate you and you'll be OK. India sounds amazing! Hong Kong will be fun. I'll try to hook you up with some people I met there.

  2. Fly Brother says:

    Brian (aka NoDebt): When I said "cheapest," I was referring specifically to airfare, relative to my itinerary at the time I was booking. After a careful review of available funds, the only two viable options for me were Egypt and Morocco, and since my routing sent me across Europe via Scandinavia, Cairo was it. I'm definitely going to hit up other places in Sub-Saharan Africa next go 'round. Talk soon, man.-FlyBro

  3. brian says:

    Gotcha FB. Keep on flying!!

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