From the AV Room: Trekking to the Pyramids

Since Flickr is blocked here in the United Arab Emirates (among other sites such as X-Tube), I’ve decided to post another of my “road movies.” This time, watch as I approach the Pyramids at Giza, literally right across the street from a joint Pizza Hut/KFC, via an elevated expressway from Downtown Cairo. No camels were injured during the making of this film.

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2 Responses to From the AV Room: Trekking to the Pyramids

  1. Angela Rhodes says:

    Nice little film! They look so surreal next to the highway like that…

  2. Ali la Loca says:

    Meu amigo Fly…I'm so excited about the fact that you'll be in my CasiCali backyard, but – merda – of course it's the weekend that I'm going to be in New Mexico. I leave Oct 26th, am back Nov 2nd. Hopefully we will swing it, even if just a coffee at the airport or something. If not, I will certainly look you up in Sampa (or Berlin??) next time we're visiting family. beijos!

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