Destination: Brasília

Image by Alistair Watters

Yesterday, I accepted a job with a high school in Brasília, the famously-planned capital of Brazil, starting in January. No, it’s not São Paulo, my favoritest city, but I’m pleased with the move for several reasons:
  • It’s still Brazil and most of the 2.6 million people, Brazilians.
  • I’ll have a steady paycheck, immediately, with bonuses and an apartment included.
  • I’ll have my two months in the summer and month at Christmas for travel.
  • I’ll have much less social activity to distract me from writing.
  • There are 91 embassies and 9 major universities in the city—there will still be a social life and plenty of cultural activities.
  • I can fly to São Paulo in 90 minutes, dozens of times a day (I see monthly raids to SP in my future).
  • There are daily nonstops to Lisbon and Atlanta.
  • After a couple years, it will provide me the financial cushion to write full-time.

So…Brasília it is. Holla!

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