United to the East, AA f/Fly Bro, FB Winter Tour

United joins Delta in Africa

Image by AV8NLVR

Last week, United Airlines announced service from Washington-Dulles to Accra, Ghana, continuing on to Lagos, Nigeria. When the flights start in May, UA will become the second major American carrier to serve the Motherland, giving the large Nigerian population in the DC area nonstop access to the country’s largest business center and former capital. Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines already flies to Accra and Lagos, as well as Abuja, Nigeria; Dakar, Senegal; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Cairo, Egypt, though they’ve announced several routes to other African destinations in the past year that either have been terminated or never took off for various reasons. It’s nice to see other airlines taking the (lucrative) chance of serving Africa, but I can’t imagine the in-flight service even approaching that of the European airlines already flying from the US to the continent via their hubs.
AA’s new black travel website, featuring Fly Brother

Image by caribb

In October, American Airlines started a travel website centered around the black travel experience called Black Atlas. Headlined by writer and “travel expert-at-large” Nelson George, the site highlights 27 domestic and 15 international destinations sure to resonate with affluent African-American travelers. Readers can submit blog posts detailing their experiences on the road, as well as search for airfares with a special interactive map. They’ve also been kind enough to feature ya boy, Fly Brother, and his scribblings on Salvador da Bahia, Paris, and Mexico City. Now, that’s fly.

Fly Brother Winter Tour 2009

LOS ANGELES, November 18-23
NEW YORK, December 11-20
ORLANDO, December 20-26
MIAMI, December 29-January 6

If I’m headed your way, shout me!

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5 Responses to United to the East, AA f/Fly Bro, FB Winter Tour

  1. brian says:

    Congrats on the Black Atlas exposure FB!

  2. Lenox Ave says:

    Lovin' Black Atlas. Good stuff and congrats.

  3. Fly Brother says:

    Thanks, peeps! Lenox, holla at me in the NYC.

  4. Lenox Ave says:

    FB – I'm going to miss your visit. Damn!

  5. Tusker Baridi says:

    Yes, Delta has been all talk and no show so far. They cancelled the ATL-NBO route and gave some lame-ass excuse. Trust me these would be lucrative routes as most Africans hate going through Europe.

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