A City, A Dream, and A Day in December

Ain't it pretty?

Today, I head up to the Frozen North: ten days in New York City (any lurkers in the area, get at me). In honor of the occasion, I’m going to share with you a song that I think speaks more to The City I usually encounter than does Jay-Z and Alicia’s new cut, Madonna’s homage, or even Old Blue Eyes’ standard paean (though I think “Sidewalks of New York” might come close 🙂 Anybody know this one?
Also, check this New York Times piece and related comments, freshly published this past Wednesday, on all the affordable hotness The City has to offer.


Ain't it pretty?

On a related note, I read recently that one should to verbalize one’s dreams as a part of manifesting them into reality. That being said, I shall verbalize that, within five years, I plan to be living seven-to-eight months of each year in São Paulo and three-to-four months of each year in New York (the summer months, of course; what could be better?), with each transition bookended by a few weeks of travel. The question isn’t “why?” (I mean…why not?). The question is “how?”


On an unrelated note, I came across this song in my iPod recently. If electronic music is supposed to be danceable and joy-inducing, then why does this one make me so sad? 😦

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