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From the AV Room: Portraits of a Megacity, Then and Now

Today, I return to São Paulo, my favorite megacity, for a weekend of sophistication and debauchery. Brazil’s largest city presents me with ample opportunities to sate every aspect of my being. I love her for that. The four videos below … Continue reading

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Fly Favorites: April 2010

Faux-WWII posters for the fly-ass crib at Urban Bazaar Posters. The New York Times on why French is indeed not an endangered language. Jetrosexual expat Kiratiana helps deserving web designer Denise Jacobs get to Londontowne. National Geographic Traveler offers a … Continue reading

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Brasília’s Birthday Bash

With fighter jets, inflatable pools, Nigerian-Brazilian hip-hop artists, beach volleyball, politicized circus clowns, Daniela Mercury, and a Disney parade, the Brazilian capital celebrated its fiftieth birthday with a barrage of parades and concerts rivaling Carnival. Candangos (immigrants from the four … Continue reading

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Tracking Your Trips (a.k.a. Catnip for Airline Geeks)

For airline geeks like me, or for folks interested in keeping track of their air mileage or flying habits, German-based website,, records and organizes your travel data, offering whimsical statistics and personal route maps. After entering destination, schedule, and … Continue reading

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Fly Brother Podcast – Season 1, Episode 7: Especial Colombia!

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast: Colombia, with two O’s and no U Playlist: 1. “Calle 19” – La Mojarra Eléctrica – (Spanish only) 2. “El Mapalé” – artist unknown 3. “Somos Pacífico” – Choc Quib Town … Continue reading

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Resurrecting the Jetrosexual

Five years ago, Virgin Atlantic Airways came up with an inspired and inspiring marketing campaign as a way to put the glamour and excitement back into air travel—to spawn a new Jet Age, populated by a group of “high fliers” … Continue reading

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From the AV Room: Baby Brasília

Inaugurated in 1960 as Brazil’s brand-spanking-new capital, Brasília was built on a high, semi-arid plateau in the mid-western region of the country to bring money and people into the vast and empty interior. The city has certainly filled-out since these … Continue reading

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