Tracking Your Trips (a.k.a. Catnip for Airline Geeks)

For airline geeks like me, or for folks interested in keeping track of their air mileage or flying habits, German-based website,, records and organizes your travel data, offering whimsical statistics and personal route maps.

After entering destination, schedule, and seating information for about 90% of the flights I’ve ever taken, FlightMemory calculates how many times I could have circumnavigated the Earth (8.9), my longest and shortest flights (that Seoul-LA hop was a killa), and how often I’ve sat in the front, middle, or back of the plane (of 224 flights, I’ve flown first 3 times, business 9 times, and cattle class 211 times).

I also get these lovely maps, plotting my flight paths within and outside of the US (you can tell I’m an East Coast boy with Latin American tendencies), and when I decide I like the looks of things, I can order a more colorful, detailed wall map so I can brag about my travels even more than I do now.
Other trivial tidbits include my top ten airports, airlines, aircraft, and routes (BOG, Delta, Boeing 737, and Bogotá-Barranquilla, respectively) based on actual flights flown, not so much personal preference.

Innit cool? Track your trips at

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7 Responses to Tracking Your Trips (a.k.a. Catnip for Airline Geeks)

  1. Nice resource FB. Will put this in my weekly travel news post.

  2. You've flown 224 times….? Over how many years? Still that's a lot!

  3. kwerekwere says:

    thanks to you, the inter-barça game was watching me, rather than me watching it. blah. anyhow, 100 flights, 193k miles, i purposely forgot a few, and yes, i wrote the blog post talking about it before i wrote the comment this time. that's only post uni flights tho. i don't have the flights i took to the 1990 world cup or the summer my parents chucked me out of the house for a bit and i ran around west africa for six months.

  4. Fly Brother says:

    NoDebt: Thanks, dude!International: This spans about 15 years. I'm not like your boy in "Up In the Air," but I will say that 99.9% of my trips were either leisure or visiting the family.Kwere: I responded to the post on your blog. You're supposed to put ALL the flights in, player! It's addictive, ain't it?

  5. Nikita says:

    Man! I don't even want to think about how many times I've flown…Trips to Jamaica and all around the U.S. to visit family are the story of my childhood… And then present-day jet-setting means I've gotten pretty comfy with airport lounges… My next trip is on Monday to Beijing. 🙂

  6. kwerekwere says:

    i'll add them eventually. something that i also did this morning was change my home country on the site to a european one. in doing so i got get a spin-out of all of the european flights i've taken as well, which i've edited my blog post to may do the same for asia, but i haven't spun it out. i haven't been through asia in almost three decades, so…

  7. Fly Brother says:

    Nikita: Don't do nothing crazy in the Forbidden City! *wink*Kwere: Damn, K…there's nothing I can say I haven't done in three decades other than wet my diaper.

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