Fly Brother Podcast – Season 1, Episode 8: Night Flight 695 – The Trance-Atlantic

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast:

Night Flight 695 – The Trance-Atlantic
Journey with Fly Brother on an ethereal, all-music flight from Little Havana to the Latin Quarter – Miami to Paris – featuring recent and classic house, downtempo, acid jazz, soul, and electro-samba. Whether its to work out, chill out, or make out, this compilation will transport you each time you listen. Download and get lifted.


“Vazilando (Rasmus Faber Mix)” – La Oreja de Van Gogh
“Cerca de Mí” – Louie Vega f. Raúl Midón
“The Way That I Feel” – Vikter Duplaix
“Casa Batillo” – Brazzaville
“Late Night Swing” – David Borsu f. Damia da Costa
“La Femme d’Argent” – Air
“A Day in December” – Manoo and Francois A.
“Girls & Boys” – Prince & The Revolution
“Leaving Monte Carlo” – Physics
“La Rhythme et Le Cadence” – Dimitri from Paris

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4 Responses to Fly Brother Podcast – Season 1, Episode 8: Night Flight 695 – The Trance-Atlantic

  1. AmanZman says:

    Thanks for posting up the title of the songs…got some good music up in there.

  2. Christopher says:

    you know it took procrastination during crunch time for finals for me to finally check one out. glad i did. perfect motivation!your cari-capture tomo demasiado licencia. your shade is not that crack proof my need to hope you are doing well because i know you are where you need to be… ooo, my word verification is "unborti". bet you've never been there

  3. Love your selection but that Vikter Duplaix, you need more people. I love his music, but his voice, um, he sounds like he's in the process of…or he's coming down from…LOLMiss you kid!The Fe(e) cause' it costs to be the boss. Word, life. LOL

  4. Fly Brother says:

    AZ: Thanks, dude. Which ones did you like in particular?Chris: I have, in fact, been to Unborti, Mr. Poopypants. The weather's great there.奕玲: WTF you talkin bout?The Fee: LOL @ "you need more people." Yeh…Vik's always been on that herbal vibe, if you know what I'm sayin.

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