Vintage Travel Posters (VTP): Rio

This is the first of a new monthly series of eye candy at Fly Brother, imaginatively named VTP (short for Vintage Travel Posters). We’ll see how travel companies and bureaus have been enticing people off the couch since international leisure travel first became a bourgeois conceit. Our first destination: the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro, where both terrestrial and corporal landscapes have been hot commodities since the 1920s.

Fly Brother welcomes your views. If this post hit the spot, please comment and/or click.

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3 Responses to Vintage Travel Posters (VTP): Rio

  1. AmanZman says:

    I like the last two Panam posters. Its kinda my dream to master photo-shop and create vintage/art deco posters for EIRTREA (rawr!). Which btw you are obligated to visit…its off the beaten track like a mofo, but def well worth adding it to your itinerary one day.

  2. Fly Brother says:

    AZ: Dude, a retro Eritrea (rawr!) travel poster would be hot. I'd post it! Asmara and environs are definitely on the to-do list.

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