An Afternoon in Brasília, Part Deux -or- Why I’m Gettin’ A Car With the Paycheck I Just Got

I know the numbers are hard to read, but let’s try and follow along anyway, shall we?

Mode of Transport
Green Line = Bus
Red Line = Foot

1. Spot where the bus dropped me off in the vaguely-named block, SHIS QI 15, for a doctor’s appointment (Brasília’s full of vaguely-named blocks. “SHIS” means South Sector of Individual Habitations in Portuguese. Don’t know what the “QI” stands for). Time, 5:30pm. Appointment, 6:15pm.

2. Point where I realized that I was entering SHIS QI 13, and not headed towards Bloco “O” in QI 15, the location of the doctor’s office. Decided to head towards the lone commercial strip in the block and ask for directions.

3. Point within the commercial strip where I encountered at least four people who either couldn’t give me directions to where I was going, or gave me convoluted directions in a language I didn’t understand. In addition, there was no ATM in this commercial strip and I had no cash; therefore, a cab was out of the question. My appointment was in 15 minutes. I found a lady who spoke rudimentary English who told me I could walk to the office in about 20 and pointed me in the right direction.

4. Point where got pissed at seeing the bus stop where I’d disembarked a mere 35 minutes before.

5. Point where I stopped and wondered if turning right would mean a short cut. I continued straight, of course.

6. I got to the gotdamn medical park and spent another 15 minutes running from building to building asking people in white coats where my doctor was located, only to have them tell me with pained faces, “You know what, honestly, I don’t really know. Ask the doorman.” Y’all don’t know shit in Brazil, do ya? Time of arrival at doctor’s office, 6:20pm. Appointment, 6:15pm. I wish somebody would have told me I had to reschedule.

Liked that? Read about another afternoon I had recently in Brasília.

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5 Responses to An Afternoon in Brasília, Part Deux -or- Why I’m Gettin’ A Car With the Paycheck I Just Got

  1. asda says:

    一定要保持最佳狀況呦,祝您開心 ........................................

  2. rlkris says:

    優質的好部落格,需要大家的支持! ........................................

  3. With that said, how's the traffic there?

  4. Roni Faida says:

    We took buses all the time while we were in Rio, we found them to be very easy but they drivers drive like they are trying to outrun the cops. Never have we had a bus ride where our stomachs did flip flops.

  5. Fly Brother says:

    BMP: Traffic here's more like Orlando's; stop-and-go in some spots, but mostly just long distances to cover. Nothing at all like the madness of Caracas or São Paulo.Roni: Brazilian buses can be a roller coaster, but they're nothing compared to inter-city buses that course the mountain roads of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. No lie…white knuckles! Also, Rio's very dense, so bus transport isn't much of a problem since you only have to walk a few blocks to your destination. Like I said to BMP, Brasilia's like Orlando…imaging taking the bus round that piece on a hot June day.

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