I Love What You Do For Me, FEE-atchee!

I bought a car. Finally, after taking three hours to get to the doctor’s office, or seven hours to do three things by bus in Brasília (which really means Orlando in Portuguese), I have my 2011 Fiat Palio Fire Economy. Fiat (pronounced FEE-atchee here) is an Italian car company that doesn’t exactly make Ferraris, but keeps me from having to hoof it around the Brazilian capital. I financed the $18,000 thing for sixty months, which means my monthly payment is about 10% of my pre-tax salary, but I think I got a good deal, all things considered; cars are a luxury Brazil. Anyway, I would write more, but I gotta put some kilometers on my new baby. She’s preto vulcão, which means volcanic black* (or, Black Like Me, as I like to say), but I need a name for her. Suggestions?

*Y’all know I’m taking it over to somebody’s cousin’s house in the hood to get a spoiler and that darkboy tint on the windows, right?

Fly Brother
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5 Responses to I Love What You Do For Me, FEE-atchee!

  1. MG says:

    Only R$18k?? Stop trippin' and pass me the details. Looking to get some wheels asap.

  2. Frenchie says:

    ice cream paint job, dark boy tints, 24s, and a system in the back…LOL

  3. AmanZman says:

    Congrats homie! That looks like a sweeeeeet ride. You could just pick some names of characters in your fav. blaxploitation movie…which are always cool. Cleopatra Jones being a close favorite to The Last Dragon.

  4. Does this mean you're planning on staying there at least 6 months? that's a great deal, it cost 2.5 times that here in Caracas. I suggest you name it "Black Angel". However, you have to pronounce angel with a French accent 😉

  5. Fly Brother says:

    MG: If you've got full-time employment, the bank's practically begging people to take out car loans. I got mine with HSBC.

    Frenchie: You know it!AmanZman: Thanks, b! Cleopatra Jones is kinda hot, but I think Foxy Cleopatra might be even better, provided it's said in Austin's accent.

    BMP: I have a 2-year work contract, so I'll be in Brazil a lot longer than 6 months, LOL. Shame all those hoopties in CCS are being replaced. I loved riding around in those 80s Malibus and Grand Prix. Thanks for the suggestion…still weighing the options.

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