Fly Brother Podcast – Season 2, Episode 1: Teaching English Abroad

In the season premiere of the Fly Brother Podcast:

Teaching English Abroad

Music from this episode:
“Adore” – I:Cube (Fly Brother Theme Song)
“Like Minded Sista” – Paul & Price (background)

Links mentioned in this episode: –
Tim Patterson’s “10 Travel Jobs Within Your Reach” –

University Degree Programs in TESOL –
Association of American Schools in South America –
Council of International Schools –

CELTA Official Site –
CELTA Official Course Locations:
Boston, NYC, Miami & San Diego – Teaching House –
Denver – Bridge –
Houston – Lone Star College –
San Francisco – St. Giles Int’l –

International Job Links:
Dave’s ESL Cafe –
Teach Abroad –

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3 Responses to Fly Brother Podcast – Season 2, Episode 1: Teaching English Abroad

  1. Lauren says:

    Good info in the podcast. I’ve actually been looking into a MA in Tesol or int’l education. As much as I like traveling and living abroad, I think I’d rather working in the states.
    3 more options I know about about are the teaching assistant programs in Spain, personally and France and Chile. They can be found on the ministry of education websites. I did the program in Spain. The pay is not great but there’s no “processing fee” other than visas, plane ticket etc. It’s good if you want a chance to live abroad and experience efl teaching. I know of people who have renwed their contacts for years and there usually are opportunities to tutor and/or teach in an academy.

  2. Fly Brother says:

    Glad you liked the podcast. I’d indeed like to know more about the programs in France and Spain; I’ll take a look at the websites. Personally, I’m not very interested in working in the States these days, especially with this ridiculous political climate. And though I (Heart) NY, as a native Floridian now living in Brazil, I don’t know if I’d make it through an entire winter, LOL. What are your experiences of living abroad?

  3. Lauren says:

    Here are the links to the Spanish and French programs.
    Most of my travel has been in Latin America and Europe. I studied abroad in Spain and Argentina during college. After graduation, I made my way back to Spain through the assistant program. I was placed in a small town in southwest Spain. I had planned on doing a second year (even going back over to look for apts.) but it didn’t work out for various reasons. I’m always planning my next trip in my head but I haven’t been abroad since that apt. search turned quick relaxing break in 08.

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