Thursday Twofer: Fly Brother to Recife and Sampa

Weekend in Recife

Olinda (foreground) and Recife by Márcio Cabral de Moura

This weekend, I’m off to the twin cities of Recife and Olinda, located in the tropical Northeast of Brazil.  As part of a motley trio, consisting a buddy visiting from Germany and a close friend down from DC, I’ll be spending two quick days soaking up as much history as I do sun, since both cities date back to the good/bad ole days of Portuguese colonization.  Not only a major entry point for enslaved Africans, Recife served as capital of Dutch Brazil, as the Netherlands snatched the city for twenty years in the 17th century.  During that time, indigenous, African, Portuguese, and Dutch influences collided and coalesced, serving up culinary, musical, and architectural styles unique to already-miscegenated Brazil. Look for the trip report next week!

Writing for Total São Paulo

I’m interminably proud to announce that I’m the newest contributor for the online version of funky city guide, Total São Paulo.  Published last year by LA-native Phuong-Cac Nguyen, who believes as I do that São Paulo is way better than Rio, the print version came out last year to acclaim from the LA Times, Budget Travel magazine, and Vogue PortugalBuy the book, then check out my debut reviews. Then come visit SP.

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2 Responses to Thursday Twofer: Fly Brother to Recife and Sampa

  1. Can’t wait to read your blogs about Recife and Olinda… 2 places I have thought about going but never got to!

  2. Fly Brother says:

    @Ms Beauty: Though the trip was quick, it was fun. You should go!!!

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