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Finding Middle Ground

I recently ran across this short piece on Quito that I had published in the Orlando Sentinel back in 2007. I thought this might be a nice time to resurrect it. The Middle of the World is a dusty place. … Continue reading

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Five Fly Film Spies

Movie spies have always led the glamorous life of cool jazz, shaken martinis, flame-throwing shoehorns, easy sex, and jet-lag-less travel.  With the perfect femme fatale to match each perfectly-tailored blazer, these characters fit the classic definition of “fly” as an … Continue reading

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Fly Brother Profiled in DC and BA

Over the past couple of days, two very writerly young ladies interviewed me about my travels and life in Brazil: DC-based Lisa Schamess of the monetarily non-conformist blog, CheapBohemian, and Cathy Brown, editor of Expat Daily News South America, who … Continue reading

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Fly Brother Podcast – Season 2, Episode 4: Fantasy Flight 525 – The Black Gold Express

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast: Fantasy Flight 525 – The Black Gold Express Journey with Fly Brother on an ethereal, all-music flight from the capital of oil- and culture-rich Venezuela to the capital of oil- and culture-rich … Continue reading

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Flying Solo

Recently, I was discussing last year’s round-the-world trip when the person I was speaking to asked incredulously if I’d done the entire trip alone.  “Why, of course,” was my response.  “How else would I have done it?” See, most people … Continue reading

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VTP: Paris

This post is part of a (quasi-)monthly series of eye candy at Fly Brother, imaginatively named VTP (short for Vintage Travel Posters). We’ll see how travel companies and bureaus have been enticing people off the couch since international leisure travel … Continue reading

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Reconciling with Rio

Three years ago, shortly after dusk on a crisp July evening, I left the gym and walked with a friend down a cavernous back-street in Copacabana, the gritty, dense, intense, world-famous beachfront neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.  At that time, … Continue reading

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