Fly Brother Podcast – Season 2, Episode 3: Do(n’t) Try This At Home

Photo by kcolwell @ Flickr

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast:

Do(n’t) Try This At Home: On Quitting (My Job) and Living (My Dream)


“Symphonies (Remix)” – Dan Black f. Kid Cudi
“Like Minded Sista” – Paul & Price (background)

Links mentioned in this episode:
Previous Post on Quitting and Living- here
Chris Guillebeau and the Art of Non-Conformity-×5/

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You also might find this blog post interesting, about the choice between financial security and personal fulfillment.

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6 Responses to Fly Brother Podcast – Season 2, Episode 3: Do(n’t) Try This At Home

  1. cassadie says:

    loved this. as my personal mantra goes “in order to find yourself, you must first lose yourself.”

    I’ve actually been having similar thoughts about all of this (as in ditching a less than awesome work situation and following what you love most). can we have a chat because I have an idea and actually thought of you as a person I’d like to connect with on it. skype perhaps? holler @ me when you get a chance!


  2. Fly Brother says:

    @Cassadie: Thanks a lot for passing thru, lady! I’ll shoot you a DM on Twitter.

  3. pam says:

    “Living overseas is NOT the same as chilling overseas.” Oh. My. God. I’d like to hug you now. Good look, Earnest, good luck. Go.

  4. Lauren says:

    I just had a chance to listen to the latest podcast. Living abroad is definitely different than chilling,traveling, or even studying I think. Good luck with your decision!
    Thanks for the link on Afro-Brazilians in the Rio post. I’d seen parts of this series in the past but never finishes reading it. I’ve met several Brazilians of different “colors” both in traveling and online and only one has really mentioned racial issues. She also was the only one actively trying to leave the country for studying/work. I imagine those two are related in some ways.

  5. Fly Brother says:

    @Pam: Again, your encouragement is priceless. Many thanks.

  6. Fly Brother says:

    @Lauren: Thanks a lot for listening to the podcast and stopping by to comment! Unfortunately, people in Latin America are taught to believe that racism/colorism is an issue that only affects the US, but they often don’t consider how class is a proxy for color here; it’s still a lot easier for a lower-class “white” Brazilian to rise socio-economically than a darker Brazilian with similar, if not better, levels of education. Alas, my beloved Brazil is far from utopia. Again, thanks for reading!

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