Fly Brother Profiled in DC and BA

Me in DF (Brazil, not Mexico), which is neither BA nor DC.

Over the past couple of days, two very writerly young ladies interviewed me about my travels and life in Brazil: DC-based Lisa Schamess of the monetarily non-conformist blog, CheapBohemian, and Cathy Brown, editor of Expat Daily News South America, who runs the site from beautiful downtown Buenos Aires.  Both interviews went live today and below are a couple of excerpts to tease you into reading both profiles in their entireties (because I know how short people’s attention spans can be…I teach high school!):

From the CheapBohemian interview:

CB: You’ve said that you first got travel fever as a kid, when you were presented with a copy of Free Stuff for Kids. You know as a fellow Cheap Bohemian I’ve gotta love that. Do you think you also acquired a Cheap Aesthetic as a kid, and how does that influence how you travel now?

FB: Actually, I think I acquired whatever semblance of a cheap aesthetic I possess from my mother, who always accused me of having a “prince’s taste and a pauper’s pocket.” I look more for value than for the absolute lowest price for anything. Give me a $30/night fleabag in Paris over a $20/night hostel because at least at the fleabag, I get privacy and relative quiet. I’d pay a bit more for airfare if the departure times were later in the day, the connection were shorter, or I could earn frequent flier miles. In the end, for me it’s about reconciling my baseline comfort level with the maximum price I’m willing to pay.

From the Expat Daily News South America interview:

Q: What was the hardest part about moving abroad?

A: Waiting for the visa, LOL. Seriously, the hardest part has been feeling left out of my friends’ lives back in the States. I check my Facebook and see the barbecues and parties and concerts and sporting events, and whatever else I missed out on, and that makes living abroad tough. Of course, I have friends here in Brazil, but when I’m away from my old crew, I kind of see how life indeed moves on without me.

Check out the full profiles and let me know what you guys think.  Then discover the other goodies at CheapBohemian and Expat Daily News!

Many thanks to Lisa and Cathy for the excellent questions and opportunity to talk about myself, yet again. 🙂

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2 Responses to Fly Brother Profiled in DC and BA

  1. Frenchie says:

    …for a moment I thought this title referred to you coming to DC w/o hitting me up and I was about to be HIGHLY displeased with you lol

  2. Fly Brother says:

    Come on, Frenchie…you know I wouldn’t go anywhere NEAR you without scheduling a meet-up!

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