Fly Brother Podcast – Season 2, Episode 5: Taking Time Out

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast:

Taking Time Out
-or- Guess What Job I Just Landed 🙂


“Samba do Gringo Paulista (Bigga Bush Reconstruction)” – Suba and Bigga Bush
“Um Dia Comum (Em SP)” – Suba (Background)

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16 Responses to Fly Brother Podcast – Season 2, Episode 5: Taking Time Out

  1. Lola says:

    Dude, I’m totally flipping out here. So stoked for you. Congratulations!!

  2. Lauren says:

    I loved using their guide books when I was living in Andalusia and BsAs.

  3. Aman says:

    whatever it is man u sound happy, so big ups! Will u be Brasilia in Dec/Jan? I am thinking of visiting on my way back to the states to la familia.

  4. Monica says:

    Congrats on the new gig! Time Out New York is my second bible here in the Big Apple. More importantly, you’re living the life you want to live–or at least moving toward it. And on a note of self-interest, I’m glad we’ll have more Fly Brother posts from abroad.

  5. Renee says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Love your writing ,so I know you’ll be great.
    Also,I don’t know if anybody has the same problem but I find your podcasts really hard to hear over the music you play in the background.Is there any way to make your voice louder or turn the background music down?

  6. Harvey says:

    Glad to see you’re still blogging! I haven’t checked in for a while, but sounds like you’re getting along just fine.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  7. Fly Brother says:

    Hey Lola,
    Thanks again for all the support! Definitely couldn’t have snagged the job without you!

  8. Fly Brother says:

    Thank you, Lauren! I’ve not used one of their guidebooks yet, but I’m definitely a fan of the NYC edition of the magazine.

  9. Fly Brother says:

    AmanZman: Thanks for the support, bruh! I won’t be in Brasilia, but I will be in Sao Paulo over the holidays working for the magazine. Let’s definitely hook up if you swing thru the BRA!

  10. Fly Brother says:

    Monica, I definitely appreciate the congrats! I know I’ve been slacking on the posts from over here in Europe, but I’ve got a six-hour train ride ahead of me, which gives me ample time to get something banged out. Thanks so much for reading!

  11. Fly Brother says:

    Renee: You are not the first person to comment on the background music overpowering my voice in the podcasts, and I promise to have that rectified by the next episode. Mil gracias for listening, and for the support with the new gig!

  12. Fly Brother says:

    Newbie…long time, bruh! Thanks for stopping by! Gotta get by your place, myself.

  13. khw says:


    i’m really happy for you – good luck on Monday.

    Saludos de la Nevera!

  14. lara dunston says:

    Congratulations! So thrilled to hear about your new job! You should have emailed and told us!!! (Imagine your grandma scolding you) Message from Terry whom I’ve just shared your news with: That’s fantastic! Congratulate him! But what’s he going to do for money?! 😉 (Don’t know what TO pays in Sao Paolo, but in Dubai they pay their writers little more than they pay the average taxi driver. Fingers crossed they have a bigger budget there.)
    P.S. Just linked to you in our last Rio post

  15. Fly Brother says:

    Thanks, munhequita!

  16. Fly Brother says:

    Lara! Great Rio post (still waiting for the one about AA)! You’re right, an email’s on the way. Thanks a lot to you and T for the congrats and I hope to see you guys again soon! Beeeeiiijo

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