Global Juke Joint: “On Air” by Air France Music

Last year, Air France decided it would compile a bit of its inflight musical entertainment into half-hour podcasts that you can download every couple of months. With an esoteric mix of relaxingly ambient and soulfully acoustic selections, the “On Air” podcast is excellent accompaniment for a lazy Sunday afternoon in the hammock, a lounge-y late night in bed, or an early morning en route to Paris. Below are some of my favorite tracks from artists I discovered via Air France Music. Get lifted.

OK, I didn’t just discover Me’Shell, but she’s not been on my radar since Bitter.

I never knew the harpsichord could sound this good.

A light and AIRy experience.

“Who asked you if you want to be loved by me?” Nuff said.

Why is the UK producing the best soul singers these days?

This youngin’ might just replace Carla as my favorite French chanteuse.

Better than Bey anyday (DAMN YOU, UMG!!!!!).

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One Response to Global Juke Joint: “On Air” by Air France Music

  1. Gem says:

    I just sent a friend ‘Tie One On’ yesterday! That album is nice. I also recommend Hair of the Dog, Die Young, and Slaughter from that album. I’m bookmarking this post to listen to the rest of these later!

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