The View from the Crib

So, I’ve settled into a new one-bedroom apartment in Downtown São Paulo. The place has character: huge rooms, high ceilings, French doors leading out to a small terrace where I can sit and write (theoretically), with my feet being massaged on top of the clothes dryer. My street is one of those formerly-grand boulevards gone to seed, complete with prosties and crackheads (think ’70s Times Square). In fact, twice, I was propositioned on the sidewalk in front of my building by unscrupulous and sordid characters. It’s all novel-worthy, if anything.

Here is the view from my living room, at night and in the day. Come visit…I’ll protect you from the crackheads!

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7 Responses to The View from the Crib

  1. Regi says:

    Wow, looks exciting. At least there is neva a dull moment. Congrats on the move! I’ll let u know when I’m coming that way….

  2. This does look exciting! I want to come visit you!!! Why did you choose to live there? You should really send me a copy of the magazine you are working for too! It looks like things are working well for you!

  3. frenchie says:

    this architecture reminds me of my old downtown Cairo apt. the debilitated colonial architecture and the working class grandeur complete w/ the occasional sleaze 🙂

  4. Melissa Q. says:

    Fantastic. I need to go to Brazil.

  5. khw says:

    great views. would love to visit ya – will let you know if i can swing it (depends on getting a couple more translations!) abrazos

  6. Joe says:

    Reminds me of the neighborhood I live in, La Goutte d’Or in Paris. Very buys, very working class, and never a dull moment. And friends of mine come to my neighborhood to score weed because they don’t want to be too well known with the dealers in their own neck of the woods.

    I was almost on my way to Sao Paulo next week but the visa fee (160€ x 3) put the brakes on that. You wouldn’t know if there is a cheaper way to for a couple of US passport holders to get there in time for Carnival?

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