A Tale of Two Cities – Part One

Last summer, Wallpaper* magazine published its “Born in Brazil” issue, a 210-page design-focused exposé on the established names and up-and-comers in the realms of Brazilian work and play. Along with the print version, the magazine included on its website this beautifully-shot, beautifully-scored look at the remarkable energy – and traffic – of São Paulo, as experienced by some of its most high-class inhabitants.

On the other side of town, documentarians Outros Filmes captured, in brutal clarity, life centered around a boxing gym underneath an overpass in the city’s gritty Zona Leste. While both videos portray valid, authentic environments in São Paulo, it is this film that shows the types of spaces that most of the city’s 20 million people inhabit.

Urban Age :: The Overpass from OutrosFilmes on Vimeo.

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