On World Domination and Possibility

Fly Brother (left) vs. Super Summiteer Marvin - Image by Armosa Studios

I’m not going to bore you, dear readers, with personal anecdotes from the World Domination Summit that you wouldn’t have the slightest interest in reading. All I can really say is that I’ve never been surrounded by so much greatness in my life: bloggers, writers, speakers, entrepreneurs, teachers, freelancers, athletes, students, and aimless intellectuals, all drawn by the possibility of making their own success, their way. My way. Your way.

Non-conformist guru and fellow travel crackhead Chris Guillebeau put together a multi-cultural, multi-interest panel of big doers and big thinkers who shared their stories and suggestions on everything from simplifying life to making money doing what you love to traveling the world on your terms to getting your book published. But Chris also galvanized an equally multi-cultural, multi-interest group of 500 or so independent thinkers, already coloring outside the lines and ready to paint the sky red if they felt so inclined.

This was not some Tony Robbins-type jump-up-and-down, flail-your-arms, get-rich-quick seminar. Words like ‘awesome’ and ‘beautiful’ and ‘amazing’ were bandied about, but this also wasn’t some fuzzy-wuzzy self-help conference. It was about shared energy and understanding. It was about the art of possibilities and the possibilities of art. It was about realizing that by just being at the conference, our minds were already in the right place; it was only a matter of getting our asses to follow.

The people I met at the Summit, the conversations I had, the stories I heard, even the stories that came out of me for the first time, moved me in a way no great sex or little tiny happy pill at the club ever could. For the first time – ever – I was high on the vapors of possibility. My possibility. And damn if it isn’t scary, holding my light saber for the first time and feeling the absolute power of it. It’s deep y’all. And you’ll get to see how I wield my power, my possibility, right here at Fly Brother.

Many thanks to the beautiful sisters and brothers, of all hues, who saw me this weekend, either by way of hours-long conversation or merely a one-second smile. Thanks to the others who, even if I didn’t have the chance to meet you, still made your presence felt in the cumulative energy of the event.

And to C.G., who put the whole shebang together: have you any idea what you’ve started? I suppose you do.

Chocks off, dear readers. It’s time to get lifted.

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3 Responses to On World Domination and Possibility

  1. Leisa LaDell says:

    Well said, my friend. Very well said.

  2. librarytour says:

    I’m intrigued! Thanks for this captivating and inspiring report-back.

  3. Owen Marcus says:

    … and you can write.
    I wish I had more time to talk to you. Your site is impressive and inspiring… I am wanting to travel.

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