How to Make Decisions

Thanks Hey Amber Rae for this fly-ass piece of advice!

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I’m participating in Vai Via’s 15 Day International Travel Challenge, but doubling-up, as I’m not a daily blog poster. Challenge!

Day 14 – What did you learn from traveling abroad?
That you got to leave it to believe it! The amount of wasted energy and opportunity in the United States is downright criminal. Life may not be easy for many people in the States, but there is always opportunity, however scant. In many of the places I’ve been to, even that scant little bit of opportunity – to grow, to learn, to be a productive member of society – is out of reach for way too many people.

Day 15 – Advice to someone who’s thinking about traveling to another country.
See above image, under the “Hell Yes” column. 😉

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