My Magnificent 7

Fly Brother, before shaving the dome.

Lola of Geotraveler’s Niche and Austin+Kelly of Travellious tagged me last week, inquiring about my seven most meaningful posts. I quickly trolled through the archives and dug up a few missives that I think come closest to expressing the purpose of Fly Brother – encouraging international travel through a multicultural, multicolored lense. Most of them were written in 2009, as I was wrapping up four tenuous years in Colombia and primed to embark on a months-long round-the-world adventure before moving to Brazil. Some of them were written out of mental or emotional paralysis. All of them were written with the hope that at least one person “got” me. I hope you still do.

Please excuse any old/unactive links in the older posts; I’ve not yet completed the conversion from Blogger to WordPress.

1. Your most beautiful post – On Fear, Frustration, and Freedom
I’m still kind of humbled at how the words and sentiments came together in this post, written during one of my many times of uncertainty. I’m honored that readers responded as favorably as they did.

2. Your most popular post – Dark and Lovely on CNN (No, not a commercial for the no-lye relaxer.)
This post continues to get hundreds of hits a day! Must be the collection of TV hotties that keeps it ranking high among Google search results.

3. Your most controversial post – Black Like Me

While the majority of the comments to this post (which garnered the most comments of any on the entire blog) were actually of the supportive variety, the topic – race and identity in Latin America – remains as controversial as ever, hence the need for the post in the first place.

4. Your most helpful post – Packing a Lot of Crap into Two Small Bags
Well…it helped me! 😉

5. A post whose success surprised you – Fly Brother and the Curse of the Aimless Intellectual
Some of the most resonant posts with readers have been the ones where I basically admitted that I don’t have any more of a clue as to what the hell I’m doing in life as the next person. I’m just more of a risk-taker.

6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved – Get Fly

This was one of my first posts, so I didn’t really have an audience when it debuted. Still, I think recognizing your role as a challenger or confirmer of stereotypes is an important element in being a conscious traveler.

7. The post that you are most proud of – Fly Brother Departures Summer/Fall 2009
The original itinerary of my very first round-the-world trip!

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