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Two Years Ago, I Saw the World

Everyday this week, when I log into Facebook, I’ve been seeing a little reminder that “on this day, two years ago,” I was hitting up the Notting Hill Carnival or being wowed by the freakish ability of Swedes to dance … Continue reading

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On Paralysis

Sometimes, living abroad can be an experience in cultural isolation. Despite the best efforts on everyone’s part, there are misunderstandings, misinterpretations, misconnections. It can get tiring, the thinking in other languages, the decoding of cultural cues, the deprogramming of absolute … Continue reading

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Dream Destinations, Vol. 1

The other day, a friend asked me where I’d like to go next, now that I’ve got 30 countries under my belt. There’s still much of the world to see, aside from some of my favorite places that consistently call … Continue reading

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A Little Late Monday Motivation

In the face of life’s always unexpected challenges, I’ve been needing a little inspiration to stay motivated on many fronts. After searching through some old travel notes, I found a great quote by a great man about a great feat … Continue reading

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Having Help

I have help; I’ve had it since moving to South America six years ago. There’s a saying round these parts: “You either have a maid or you are a maid.” In my case, it’d be a doorman or handyman or … Continue reading

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My Seven Travel Truths

So, I bit Oneika the Traveller’s bait and compiled my own list of seven traveling truths, revealing just a little bit about how I get around (only cuz I love you, gul!): 1. I go solo. I love traveling with … Continue reading

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How to Unintentionally Become an Oktoberfest Legend

I met the indomitable Nicole of Nicole is the New Black a couple weeks ago in Berlin. The girl’s got humor, moxie, and a phat-ass crib in what used to be West Berlin. As Oktoberfest draws near, Nicole decided to … Continue reading

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