Repping Time Out on the Telly

The day job.

Last week, the good people over at TV Cultura, one of Brazil’s most respected public television networks, came to the Time Out São Paulo offices to see how we do things at the year-old local branch of the London-based entertainment and culture magazine. I was picked to represent our fair publication, and the crew followed me on an outing to the Museu da Imagem e do Som (Museum of Image and Sound) to update our review of the place. Our publisher talked about the importance of having Time Out in a burgeoning world city like São Paulo and my editor-in-chief seduced the crew with her take on how the city reveals itself to you, slowly.

The entire video is in Portuguese (with no subtitles yet – sorry), but essentially, I talk about the sections that I cover as assistant editor of the magazine, including music, nightlife, and travel. As an editor, I hardly ever leave the office during business hours, so I assumed the role of ‘reporter’ for the piece. We joked about me taking public transportation and how sometimes that’s the best way to meet Paulistanos and interact with the city. At the end, I talk about how I’ll go back to the office and compare my notes with what we’ve already got, screwing up a bit of the tongue-twisting Portuguese grammar in the process.

A bit of behind the scenes trivia: When we were taping in front of the MIS, someone shouted “It’s a lie!” from a passing car, hehe.

So, hope you folks enjoy my first foray on Brazilian TV:

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