Your Virtual Escape Hatch

Sometimes, no matter how badly you wish you were doing it right now, you just don’t have the conditions necessary to take flight. The work hours are long, the money just isn’t right, you have to take care of your ailing grandfather – there’s always something, and there will always be something. Though I’ve thrown caution to the wind countless times (and sometimes paid the price on the back-end), it’s not always possible to just pick up and go.

That’s why you need a virtual escape hatch. Your escape hatch can be anything – a postcard of Rio, a movie set in India, an oil or lotion whose fragrance reminds you of the Orient. My hatch is built from a combination of specific things: the song “Adore” from I:Cube or anything by Audio Lotion, a vintage travel poster, the picture of an airplane wing mid-flight. These are things that rescue me from the mundane and transport me into travel itself, since for me, the sensation of being propelled through time and space to another reality is the most exhilarating part of travel. It’s in the getting there that excitement and expectation peak.

So when workaday blues start to get you, access your escape hatch and get away, if only for an instant.

What’s your virtual escape hatch?

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One Response to Your Virtual Escape Hatch

  1. Anonymous says:

    My rescue is to listen to Bebel Gilberto , or play the scene from Eat , Pray , Love were Liz is riding her bike and Felipe run her off the road . Que Samba da Bencao and the beach party scene I have soooo been there in meeting people from other countries !!!

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