Greetings from (Warm, Sunny) Florida

Forecast high in Jville today: 77 degrees.

While I’m home with the family recharging the ol’ batteries with barbecue and sweet tea, will be undergoing some minor site upgrades. Subscribers might see a few old posts pop up in their feeds over the weekend, but don’t be alarmed. It’s just me reformatting some of the old stuff. And before anyone gets jealous of these wonderfully mild winter temperatures and glorious sunshine we’re experiencing in my home state of Florida, just remember that this is also the home state of Casey Anthony, hanging chads, and that nutcase Koran-burning preacher. See how things always balance out?

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1 Response to Greetings from (Warm, Sunny) Florida

  1. Fidel says:

    Enjoy your time back in Florida. Planning to check out FAMU while you’re home?

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