Fly Favorites: January 2012 + The Fly Brother Whirlwind Winter Tour 2K12

It's in Africa, folks.

Being deported from Eritrea has never been as compelling as when it happens to Chris Guillebeau.

Nicole is the New Black brings a little hot chocolate to Reykjavik.

Take the 001 Country Per Year challenge at hip travel emporium Flight 001’s blog.

Learn how travelers are ‘Living [MLK’s] Dream’ at Scene With A Heart.

wejetset uncovers “the quiet beauty of mega-cities” with its profile of photographer Nikolaus Gruenwald’s Fragments of Urban Living.

Bessie Coleman, first black woman pilot in the USA

I’m Black and I Travel honors United Airlines’ first black chief pilot on the birthday of pioneering aviatrix Bessie Coleman.

The New York Times takes a tour through London’s gentrifying, pre-Olympics East End.

My road dog Oneika the Traveller lookin’ crazy at the Eiffel Tower.

World Hum pays its respects to a few notable wayfarers who passed away in 2011.

Shadow and Act previews Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992 before its showing at next month’s Berlinale film festival.


The dates for the Fly Brother Whirlwind Winter Tour 2K12 are set:

ATLANTA → Feb 8-9
→ Feb 10-12
→ Feb 12-15
→ Feb 19-21

Anybody down for a Fly Brother Meet-up? Hang-out? Get-down? Boogie?


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2 Responses to Fly Favorites: January 2012 + The Fly Brother Whirlwind Winter Tour 2K12

  1. OMG I can comment!!! muah hahaha. You are all over the place in Feb. Get it!

  2. Terri says:

    Hey there! I’d love to meet up while you’re in NY. It’s always fun meeting other Black travel bloggers.

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