It’s Carnival Time


Yes, my good people, Carnival is this weekend in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and Salvador and Venice and New Orleans and Barranquilla and Trinidad and Port-au-Prince and Panama City and Santo Domingo and the Canary Islands and anywhere else people go buck wild just before their 40 days of Lenten fasting.

Leading up to the event in Brazil each year, popular TV show Caldeirão do Huck has the queens of each samba school in Rio and São Paulo compete for the title of Carnival Muse (sash, cash and whatnot), one of the few times darker-skinned Brazilian women even appear on television. One of my favorites of all time: Luciana of Rio’s Mangueira samba school, seen here discussing her Carnival diet and the costume designed by her friend and “personal stylist” back in 2009.

Watch live streaming video of the Carnival parades in Brazil:
São Paulo (February 18-19, 9pm ET) (click Desfile Carnaval São Paulo)
Rio de Janeiro (February 20-21, 9pm ET)
Salvador (February 17-21, all day)

Have you been to Carnival?

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1 Response to It’s Carnival Time

  1. jkkseeks says:

    i love how the carnival dancers are almost naked but still beautiful & elegant when they dance (or maybe this is just the tamer “made for TV” version). somehow whenever i’ve seen semi-nudity similar to this on on american tv, it always looks trashy.

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