My First MyFest in Berlin

A dance riot in Berlin

May 1st is International Workers Day (aka Labor Day everywhere else in the world but the USA). In Berlin, it’s known for anti-capitalist riots that started among the radical West German left in the late ’80s and even today, despite diminished ideology and heavier police presence, draws crowds of people anxious to throw their first Molotov cocktail as part of the perplexing concept of riot tourism. But in an effort to stave off destruction of person and property, the city redirects the energies of a contemporary wave of disaffected youths with MyFest, a vast music festival with sound trucks featuring house and reggae DJs, and live rock bands, with a name derived in hipster fashion from the German word for May (mai, pronounced “my”) and the desire to keep the young citizenry from tearing up their own ‘hoods. Local businesses participate by selling discounted food and cocktails on the sidewalk, in a not-so-secret effort to keep their windows from being broken. By the time night rolls around, the hope is that everyone’s too party-tipsy to care about beating “the system.” Hell, the system’s pretty much won anyway, so why not hit the streets and have a good time? I did!

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1 Response to My First MyFest in Berlin

  1. travelsofadam says:

    The dancing was definitely best at Luzia 🙂

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