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Travel, Inspired by Prince

The recent, tragic death of cultural steward and soul master Don Cornelius got me thinking heavily about inspiration, so when I ran across this photograph of the unadulterated musical genius Prince as a young man, I knew I had to … Continue reading

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The Best Black Expat Films (Not that there are very many, anyway.)

Feeling uninspired these days? Want to travel, but can’t? Eat Pray Love just not looking all that relatable to your demographic? Then check these out on DVD: four of my favorite black expat films, each one detailing an experience that … Continue reading

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Five Fly Film Spies

Movie spies have always led the glamorous life of cool jazz, shaken martinis, flame-throwing shoehorns, easy sex, and jet-lag-less travel.  With the perfect femme fatale to match each perfectly-tailored blazer, these characters fit the classic definition of “fly” as an … Continue reading

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Fighting Ignorance with Film

As an educator, fighting ignorance is my job. As black man who is also an expatriate educator, fighting ignorance can be an all-consuming yoke around my neck. Even some of the most highly-educated people, with many years of traveling to … Continue reading

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From the AV Room: Of Isolation and Melancholy

San Francisco’s black population has declined from 13% in 1970 to 7% today. Micah sees himself as less than one-in-ten; Joanne sees herself as just one. Medicine for Melancholy explores love, race, and, to my mind, America’s most beautiful city. … Continue reading

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From the AV Room: Hispaniola

Recently screened at the Havana Film Festival New York, the 12-minute short film, Hispaniola, tackles Haitian-Dominican relations on the Caribbean’s second-largest island. Director Freddy Vargas shows us how childhood friendships can be marred by issues of race, class, and nationality … Continue reading

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Colombia Mía

I’ve been in Colombia for almost four years now, since the summer of 2005, when I took a job as an eager and idealistic (yeah, right) English teacher at the Universidad del Norte. I was initially drawn to the country … Continue reading

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