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Madrid Madness -or- I Had Coke

There was no rain in Spain on my recent trip, just dry, cool days with intermittent sunshine and lots of personal warmth. I hung out in Madrid a few weekends ago with a good buddy of mine from Bogotá, Roberto, … Continue reading

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Swiss Beat

The first thing you notice about Switzerland’s largest city – Zurich – is that, by comparison, every other city in the world looks worn-down and raggedy. The whole place smacks of affluence, from the clean comfort of the airport to … Continue reading

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Warsaw Packed

In October, the air in Warsaw is cold.  Broad concrete sidewalks and large, drab Soviet-era constructions refract that chill, always present in spite of waning autumn sunshine.  But there is color that warms the streets in bursts: the golden, meaty … Continue reading

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Fly Brother Podcast – Season 1, Episode 7: Especial Colombia!

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast: Colombia, with two O’s and no U Playlist: 1. “Calle 19” – La Mojarra Eléctrica – (Spanish only) 2. “El Mapalé” – artist unknown 3. “Somos Pacífico” – Choc Quib Town … Continue reading

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Keepin’ It Sassy

Austin, Texas might get all the hollers from mainstream media, but I think it’s that other college town and Southern state capital a few hundred miles down I-10 East that speaks surprisingly to all-inclusive diversity and the rack of artistic … Continue reading

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Re-post: Missing Middle Florida

I haven’t been on vacation in Florida with my entire family since the mid-90s, and spending this Christmas with them in Orlando brings back and brings up all sorts of memories and madness. Back in March, while still living in … Continue reading

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It´s the Weekeeeeeend, Baby! (Part 2)

Flying to Caracas last Saturday, I sat next to a woman with a facemask who seized into a death cringe every time someone coughed lightly from a speck of dust. It wasn’t until I walked through the airport terminal in … Continue reading

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