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Cesária Évora Passes Away at 70

I first experienced Cape Verde – and another facet of the Diaspora – through your haunting, bittersweet voice. Thank you for that, Barefoot Diva. Cesária Évora, Fly Sister, 1941-2011 Also, you can listen to my favorite song by Ms. Évora, “Roma … Continue reading

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Five Fly Film Spies

Movie spies have always led the glamorous life of cool jazz, shaken martinis, flame-throwing shoehorns, easy sex, and jet-lag-less travel.  With the perfect femme fatale to match each perfectly-tailored blazer, these characters fit the classic definition of “fly” as an … Continue reading

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A Showman Dies: Dr. William P. Foster, 1919-2010

On Saturday, revolutionary band director and musician, Dr. William P. Foster, died at a nursing home in Tallahassee at age 90.  During his 53-year tenure at Florida A&M University, Dr. Foster permanently changed the look, feel, and sound of college … Continue reading

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Mothers Day Shouts, Anniversary Greetings, and a Schedule Update

1. Happy Mothers’ Day to all the women out there who have cared for someone other than themselves. It’s called mothering and without that saving grace, humans would have extinguished themselves through general stupidity and excess testosterone millennia ago. 2. … Continue reading

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Fly Original: James Weldon Johnson

Black History Month ended on February 28th, and though it wasn’t mentioned much on Fly Brother, all month long, my ninth-grade world history students had to present an African-American hero to their class for a test grade. One of these … Continue reading

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