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In commemoration of my recent weekend in The City, VTP (Vintage Travel Posters) is back with a few artistic flights of fancy that enticed travelers from the world over to spend a weekend in … The City! If you liked … Continue reading

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Time Lapse Travel

NEW YORK CAIRO PARIS SÃO PAULO ISTANBUL TOKYO LOS ANGELES HONG KONG Please tweet your comments @FlyBrother, or email me (see About page). And don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook!

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Win a trip to NYC via American Airlines and

Directly from the good folks over at (which has published some of my work) and American Airlines:, the premier travel website for African Americans, has a unique event in which we want you to participate. BlackAtlas will hold … Continue reading

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How Flying Standby out of LaGuardia Helped Me Practice My Yiddish

Often, the best way to improve skills in a language different from your own is to utilize them under adverse circumstances. As proven by The Nanny, New York’s true mother tongue is Yiddish, and my 24-hour ordeal to fly from … Continue reading

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Re-titled Re-post: I Definitely ♥ NY

This weekend, I’m in The City for a travel blogging conference, TBEX ’10.  And while I stood sweating in the sweltering Times Square subway station today with every color and creed on the globe represented on that platform, I remembered … Continue reading

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From the AV Room: Late Night Underground

Yeah, there are rats, service disruptions, drunken old men, drunken young women, and the pungent odor of pee, but dammit, the New York City subway runs 24/7. And I mean the whole system, not just a couple of train lines … Continue reading

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One Nation Under a Groove

NEW YORK— A couple months ago, after a week in London, I posted a comparison of the English capital with its New World offspring and giving the marginal victory to NYC. After last night’s Giant Step Records (free) holiday party … Continue reading

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