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Fly Favorites: April 2012

São Paulo hip-hop star Criolo goes from hood to high-life as Brazilian rap creeps into the mainstream. As Chris Guillebeau heads down the home stretch of his hit-every-country-in-the-world, he gives pointers on how to go everywhere. Members of Nigeria’s Igbo, … Continue reading

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News from Brazil—In English

Most major news outlets report about Brazil’s economic growth, income disparities, racial issues, beaches, soccer stars, and World Cup preparations in random, infrequent bursts. Now, two journalists with feet on the ground and caipirinhas on the brain are weighing in … Continue reading

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Parabéns to Carnival Winners Mocidade Alegre + Unidos da Tijuca!

The 2012 Carnival season in Brazil has ended with a couple of surprising samba school parade winners in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, both of which sported themes from the country’s culture-rich, rain-poor, poverty-stricken Northeast. Yesterday, Mocidade Alegre took … Continue reading

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It’s Carnival Time

WATCH CARNIVAL IN BRAZIL LIVE! LINKS BELOW. Yes, my good people, Carnival is this weekend in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and Salvador and Venice and New Orleans and Barranquilla and Trinidad and Port-au-Prince and Panama City and Santo … Continue reading

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Wading in the Waters of Iemanjá

In Brazil, February 2nd is dedicated in the Catholic tradition to Our Lady of Seafaring, a manifestation of the Virgin Mary who watches over sailors and fishermen. But the larger celebration isn’t of the Catholic saint, but of the Afro-Latin … Continue reading

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Happy 458th Birthday, São Paulo

São Paulo dos Campos de Piratininga, founded January 25, 1554. My favorite city on Earth. Please don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @FlyBrother, and “like” me on Facebook! You can subscribe, too!

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New Years Eve in Rio … and Around the World

It’s 2012, folk! While many of you spent New Years Eve in the frigid climes of Europe or North America, I was getting my hot-and-sweaty on in Rio de Janeiro. 😉 True, it rained most of the weekend, and the … Continue reading

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