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In commemoration of my recent weekend in The City, VTP (Vintage Travel Posters) is back with a few artistic flights of fancy that enticed travelers from the world over to spend a weekend in … The City! If you liked … Continue reading

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Time Lapse Travel

NEW YORK CAIRO PARIS SÃO PAULO ISTANBUL TOKYO LOS ANGELES HONG KONG Please tweet your comments @FlyBrother, or email me (see About page). And don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook!

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Afar Magazine, Pretty Damn Close to Actual Travel

Though there is no substitute for actual travel, there is something you can buy at your local bookstore or newsstand that’s as close as you can get to scarfing down a Turkish döner in Berlin, catching an Argentinean documentary in … Continue reading

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Tracking Your Trips (a.k.a. Catnip for Airline Geeks)

For airline geeks like me, or for folks interested in keeping track of their air mileage or flying habits, German-based website,, records and organizes your travel data, offering whimsical statistics and personal route maps. After entering destination, schedule, and … Continue reading

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