Global Juke Joint

Whether you’re in the air or an armchair, you’ll always get lifted at the Global Juke Joint.

Fly Brother Theme Song

Begin your world music collection with CDs and downloads from these labels, then search individually for the artists that move you the most:
Crammed Discs
Giant Step
Luaka Bop
Nat Geo Music
Putumayo World Music
Six Degrees Records
World Music Network

One or two of my favorite artists:
4hero (UK)
Ana Carolina (Brazil)

Audio Lotion (Switzerland)
Bebel Gilberto (Brazil)
Buraka Som Sistema (Angola)
Calle 13 (Puerto Rico)
Cesaria Evora (Cape Verde)
Choc Quib Town (Colombia)

Fink (UK)
Jazzanova (Germany)
Jorge Ben Jor (Brazil)
Kinito Méndez (Dominican Republic)
Laura Izibor (Ireland)
Los Amigos Invisibles (Venezuela)

M.I.A. (UK/Sri Lanka)
Mojarra Eléctrica (Colombia)
Orishas (Cuba)
Paul & Price (USA)
Rosalia de Souza (Brazil)
Rubén Blades (Panama)
Sade/Sweetback (UK)
Sara Tavares (Portugal)
Suba (Brazil)

Underworld (UK)
Vikter Duplaix (USA)
Yann Tiersen (France)
Zap Mama (Belgium)

The playlist will forever be amended.

4 Responses to Global Juke Joint

  1. Shannon says:

    Wow, this is weird. I was just about to do a post on having a theme song. Good choice.

  2. Amanda Scott says:

    Most of these artists you have named here are some of my favorite Music Artists. I hosted a global music program for about 4 years. One in college and one for Public Broadcasting. (found your site by way of Nikkita the Traveller) Yes, I LOVE Six Degrees and everything they do. My favorite band is and always will be ZUCO 103 (Six Degrees/Ziriguiboom. Check them out. Lilian Veira is the front woman and Stefan and Stefan handle the instrumentals. Lily is from Brazil and the Stef’s are from Europe. Zuco is based in Netherlands ( I really want to be there NOW). I could go on and on. I am also working on a global music network.

    I would like to interview you for my lifestyle and travel podcast. The website is not completely live yet, while I am collecting content. WLT encourages listeners to EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE.
    WLT= World Music, Local Lifestyle, Sporatic Travel

    Drop me a line if your interested.

    Also check out: Naked Music Records and Ayo.( Nigerian/German)

  3. lara dunston says:

    Oh cool! We love a lot of the same music! Love Orishas – saw a guy from Orishas play in another band when we were in New York recently at the Latin Alternative Music Conference showcase. Dig Bebel Gilberto. And Cesaria Evora makes me cry. In a good way.

  4. Afia says:


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