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In commemoration of my recent weekend in The City, VTP (Vintage Travel Posters) is back with a few artistic flights of fancy that enticed travelers from the world over to spend a weekend in … The City! If you liked … Continue reading

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Vomit Bags and Hail Marys

My craziest landing ever was on a Varig flight from Brazil listing as we came into Miami and almost scraping the wing on the runway. Couldn’t imagine this, though. Knocking on wood at this very moment. Please don’t forget to … Continue reading

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Airline Geekery: Timetables

As a kid―and a nascent nerd―in the late-80s/early-90s, I used to collect airline timetables, that magical tome of times and places that would transport you from Caracas to New York to Frankfurt to Rangoon and back with the flip of … Continue reading

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Flight Memory + The Swiss Airshow + Quality Hunters

It’s time for a bit of airline geekery! I keep track of all my flights via the Flight Memory database system. I enter the details of my trip, including times, aircraft type, and seat number, then watch as the system … Continue reading

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Off to Zurich tonight…

…on Swiss. Please tweet your comments @FlyBrother, or email me (see About page). And don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook!

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Finnair’s on the Hunt for Quality…Pick Me!

Currently mounting their second Quality Hunter campaign, the sleek, slick Finnish flag carrier, Finnair, has teamed up with equally-slick Helsinki Airport to improve the air travel experience for current and future customers, and they’re sending seven savvy, intrepid charges far … Continue reading

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Accessible Africa

Last week, fellow fly brother Greg Gross of I’m Black and I Travel posted about African-Americans, Africa, and why we should be traveling more frequently to the Motherland (read his entire posts here and here). Acknowledging cost, distance, and lack … Continue reading

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