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My First MyFest in Berlin

May 1st is International Workers Day (aka Labor Day everywhere else in the world but the USA). In Berlin, it’s known for anti-capitalist riots that started among the radical West German left in the late ’80s and even today, despite … Continue reading

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How to Unintentionally Become an Oktoberfest Legend

I met the indomitable Nicole of Nicole is the New Black a couple weeks ago in Berlin. The girl’s got humor, moxie, and a phat-ass crib in what used to be West Berlin. As Oktoberfest draws near, Nicole decided to … Continue reading

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Berlin to Brazil: A Suggested Itinerary

8:00am  Wake up after having gone to bed at, oh, 3:30am. 8:15am  Run out the door of your friend’s apartment, down five flights of stairs with two large carry-ons and a briefcase, and down three blocks to the U-Bahn station. 8:24am  … Continue reading

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The Case for Berlin

Before moving to a new place, you have to establish your priorities; what exactly do you want from the city you’ll be calling home? Beyond the adrenaline rush of changing trains at peak hour or grabbing a cab with friends … Continue reading

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"Ich bin ein Berliner"

Berlin, baby, I wasn’t ready. I was told by one of the many expat Americans I met living in the German capital that “if New York were a mound of dough, Berlin would be that same dough, only rolled out … Continue reading

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