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Post It

When was the last time you got a postcard in the mail? You know, one of those rectangular snapshots of places and times that invariably tease you about not being there. I got one recently from fellow blogger and traveler … Continue reading

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Fly Brother’s Travel Alphabet

The ABC’s of travel gives bloggers the opportunity to share their favorite and most memorable travel moments from A-Z. Nicole from Nicole is the New Black tagged me, but I’ll spare some of you the pain and won’t tag 3 other … Continue reading

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Making Friends through CouchSurfing

If you’ve already been on the traveling circuit for a while, you know what CouchSurfing is, but there is still a surprising number of people who don’t! Essentially, CouchSurfing is an online network of amicable hosts and humble travelers who … Continue reading

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Get in a Travlin’ Mood

A true Fly Brother or Sister is restless. He or she cannot stay put in one place for very long, lest neurosis set in. But many aspirants are not yet in the habit of stepping out the front door for … Continue reading

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Sniffing Out the Best Flight Deals

This post is brought to you by Chelle Roberts of BrownGirlsFly and myHabanero.com. 1) The Early Bird Doesn’t Always Get The Juiciest Worm Most airlines allow you to buy tickets 6 months to a year in advance. But, that far … Continue reading

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Getting Your Walking Papers

As of January 2011, only 37% of all American citizens possess that little blue book with the eagle on the cover. That’s a whole lotta people not getting fly! By age thirty, everyone should have a government-issued passport. If you … Continue reading

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Flying Solo

Recently, I was discussing last year’s round-the-world trip when the person I was speaking to asked incredulously if I’d done the entire trip alone.  “Why, of course,” was my response.  “How else would I have done it?” See, most people … Continue reading

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